February 28th, 2012


A Spring in my step

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I have a spring in my step again, finally! I'm not sure quite why, but I am just very pleased that I am feeling so much better than I have been - lighter somehow. The weather is definitely helping, warmer, sunnier, nearly springlike. I seem to be sleeping better and my appetite seems to have reduced, so that I even managed to lose a kilo last week. I am also making a bit effort to do my davina dvd each day. Only another 15 kilos to go! Baby steps...

I go back to work in 2 weeks time and am just starting to get my head around the changes in routine and gearing up for rejoining the workforce.

Had a long chat to my Mum yesterday on the phone, and she complimented me on what a super Mum I was. I guess I know deep down I am doing a good job, but somewhow validation from your own Mum trumps everything. I feel like some sort of baton has been passed. And as you can see from the look of love in Patrick's face in the photo, I think he is pleased with Mummy's performance, or at the very least, feels well fed - *lol*!

So in summary, it's spring, I feel better, back to work in rew role, bring it on, I'm ready! I am woman, hear me roar...