February 21st, 2012


Shrove Tuesday

Today is Shrove Tuesday, time for feasting, celebrating, then getting ready to fast. The weather is playing along - it feels like the first day of spring, a time for new plans, renewed energy, challenging myself.

Making and flipping pancakes (or perhaps drop scones on the griddle) will have to wait until tomorrow, as I am out tonight. I am attending my first Professional Womens Group of Zurich (PWG) meeting in almost a year. It felt good to have an extended break after leading the organisation for 4 years. Tonight is a tour of Swiss Television studios, with some prosecco to start and a buffet to finish. A nice way to celebrate.

And for lent I will be giving up desserts, snacks and booze. Let's see how that goes! Hoping to break my evening snack and sofa habit, hoping to finally start losing weight!

Career reflections, artistic impulses

Two weeks ago I went to the 5th anniversary party for Jalle, owned and led by Jill, one of my closest friends here in Zurich. Her company focusses on career and personal development.

During the evening (held at the Kunsthaus Zurich, a very inspiring location!) we were asked to choose a postcard that appealed to us. Later we received a card in the envelope, that asked us the following question:

If this art was created about my career, what would it tell me?"

I thought this was a fantastic creative impulse to help tackle an often difficult (and hard to access) area of personal development.

My postcard and answer are below!

Torben Giehler, Matterhorn (2002)

Patrick, months 6 and 7

Months 6 and 7

Our gorgeous chubby chunky monkey is growing at a rate of knots! At his 6 month checkup he was 98th percentile for weight (9.1kg), 75th for head circumference and between 50th and 75th for height. The changes we see in him and make in his routine come faster now. Since the start of the year we have moved him into the main seat of the pram, he has started nursery 4 days a week and I have started the baby led weaning process. So far he has "eaten" sticks of carrot, cucumber, apple, banana, cheese, chicken, bread, rice cake, rusk, broccoli. Lots of mess, but lots of fun. Not sure how much is actually going in, but at this stage it is enough that he is playing with the food. He is still breastfeeding unabated.

He tends to go down a bit earlier now, between 1030 and 1130 (rather than midnight, thank goodness) and tends to sleep through. Although I still get woken once or twice a week at odd times, ie 2am or 6am for an extra feed.

He is smiling and laughing and laughs hysterically when Markus jumps around. He has also started using the plane jumper (attaches to door frame or hammock stand) - photos soon. He is close to rolling, but Dr said given his weight (!) it might take a while yet. He can sit for a few seconds, but then tips forward, but enjoys sitting in the bumbo. Everything goes in his mouth and I think he's teething - first tooth should be along soon. I also need to move him into his and Markus' room soon -but I like having him next to me in bed :-)