February 15th, 2012


Final Month of Maternity Leave

Right, here we go, last 4 weeks before I go back to work, and I hereby promise to stop whinging, worrying and generally being a big girl's blouse about going back to the coalface!

Instead I will enjoy some days to myself and get some more things ticked off my to-do list and generally luxuriate in my temporary child free days!

The handprint (courtesy of Markus) reminds me to do five things a day:
1. Some exercise
2. Blog
3. Work on long term project (ie decluttering flat, photos)
4. Tackle the Quick Wins
5. Just be (be still for a few minutes a day!)

I know that I fritter time away by tacking the easy, small things first. I need to prioritise. I also need to make exercise part of every day. I also want to see friends and do some nice things for me. Like going to the cinema by myself in the daytime and eating sweet popcorn. High goals, huh!

By the time I go back to work,
- I need my wardrobe sorted
- I will have updated my cv
- I will have sorted my folders and boxes on the bookshelvves
- Markus baby book done (or at least started)

Dear Patrick...

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Today was your first proper day at nursery, the first day away from me, and it feels a bit strange. I have had three evenings out with you since you've arrived and a few hours at weekends here or there, but this is a really big step. The flat is too quiet, I keep forgetting that you are not here.

I know you are absolutely fine there - the staff adore you, your smiles and laughts, your chilled out nature. They have seen you almost every since you were a few weeks old. I know that you will be well loved and looked after at Kinderkrippe.

I know that Markus will be very protective and loving of you. I know that you will thrive on all the attention, the other children, the environment.

But a little bit of me is sad that it's no longer just you and me.

love, mami x