January 10th, 2012


Weight update - 0.4 kg gained :-(

Jan 2nd to 9th
starting weight: 83.1kg
end weight: 83.5kg
Loss/Gain: Put on .4 kg
Exercise: every day, even if just walking, even managed to run two times and do yoga twice
fitbug goals (steps and aerobic steps): 1 day met both total steps and aerobic steps targets, 1 day met aerobic target, 1 day met total steps target
lessons learned:
I didn't alter my food intake, I wanted to record and be aware of my normal eating patterns. Ho hum, most days over 2000 calories eaten and on some days *cough, blushes* 3000 calories. Plus, I don't eat as much fruit and veg as I think I do!

I have done better in drinking more water and I have been calculating the calories for the foods that I eat, so that I can make better choices this week. I know that scoffing crisps and eating ready meals are a disaster, and if I am being really honest with myself, in the past (out of boredom or anxiety) I have eaten a whole tube of pringles, which comes to 900 calories :-( Oh, and ice cream has huge amounts of calories as well. Of course I knew this before, but now I really know it.

I learnt this week that I have a very sweet tooth, if there is bad stuff to eat in the house, I can't rest until I've eaten it up. I eat when I'm bored or anxious or not sure what to do next

So, bit annoyed that I didn't lose any weight this last week, but I remind myself that I am in this for the long haul and that I will build on what I learnt. Onwards and upwards! I am pleased that I have upped my exercise this last week and have got back into the routine of logging what I eat.