November 24th, 2011


Markus at 27 months

month 27
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Our charmer continues to delight us! He is speaking a few more intelligble words in both english and swiss german, but communication tends to be body language and guessing at his babbling. His favourite trick is to say "Mummy, come come" and then drag me to kitchen and point to whatever he wants. Very endearing, if a little wearing when it continues all day!

He is getting better at taking off shoes, hat, coat etc, less keen on putting them on. He comes over for hugs and when he goes to bed liberally blows kisses to the family. We watch some Cbeebies (BBC Childrens program) with him in the evening before supper and he (and Alan) often do "yoga" together!

He also got a glowing report from Kinderkrippe - they do yearly dicussions with Parents. He's a very social kid, gets on with everyone, amuses everyone and eats well.

Also really getting into music and using the percussion instruments Aunt Kate gave him, plus is a dab hand at using the CD player. Definitely has his favourite books to "read" at night and goes straight off to sleep like a trooper. More importantly, still has a good midday nap, from 1 hour to 2.5 hours depending!

Next challenge? Weaning him off his dummy, or "iggi" (Nuggi, swiss german) as he calls it.


Patrick at 4 months, photos from week 13 to 17

month 4
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Have missed a few weeks of posting photos, so here they are! Our little guy just gets cuter and chubbier by the day. New nickname? Chunky Monkey :-) He is four months but is well into the 6 to 9 months clothes, particularly tshirts. His buddha belly doesn't fit in the 3 to 6 months sizes now.

He feeds well, spaced during the day then more cluster feeding in the evening. In the last two weeks or so he has started sleeping through the night - hurrah! But now takes fewer naps during the day. Has started sucking his thumb, to soothe himself to sleep.

He definitely laughs at things we do, like blowing raspberries at him or sticking our tongue out and it seems that he copies us. A very smiley baby, who definitely gets his second wind in the evening - a night owl like his Mother! Oh, and has a very annoying line in screeching!

week 14, 15

week 16, 17, 18