October 11th, 2011


Today I will be taking it easy!

The last 4 days i have been home alone with my two lovely boys - Mr.ncot was away Fri through Sunday, and Mondays Markus is at home with me. It went much better than I expected. There were no tantrums from the boys or from me, very few tears, and everyone was clean and fed! The weekend reminded me that I can do this Mum job alone, that I love it and that you just need to focus on the next task. It reminded me also, that kids just want your full attention and energy and that 10 minutes on the floor playing cars with Markus pays dividends and makes me feel better into the bargain!

However, the result was that I got very little sleep and feel physically knackered - all that carrying, pram pushing, lifting double pram onto tram etc. Plus on Monday night I was cooking in the kitchen and dropped a china bowl which smashed and badly cut my foot. I thought it was okay and ignored it, but then yesterday finally went to the Doctor, who took one look at it and then sewed it up good and proper. I don't remember ever having had proper stitches before - he used the curved needle and everything!

Yesterday also included doing a quick clean of the flat, taking Markus to do the Doctor, going to Tchibo, going to the Chemist, coffee in Starbucks and then taking me to the Doctor with both kids. Last night it took until 1am again to get Patrick to bed, then he woke at 3am, 5am and 9am.

So today I will be taking it easy. I have cancelled my lunch date and my yoga lesson. I fully intend to spend the whole day in bed, reading, blogging, feeding and sleeping. So there :-) Maternity leave rules!

Badge updates, part 2

So, I wrote the other day about my badge .

My best mate S was also at that weekend, I emailed her the blog post and she updated her badge (and allowed me to post it here!)

Her badge would now say...
still attempting to train to run ridiculous races despite being an exhausted but happy mother of two boys. Pops in to work for a rest on occasion!

Looking at our badges, I realised how much our lives have changed in a short space of time :-) This prompted me to also update various online profiles.

A tea-drinking, book-loving, gadget-girl who aspires one day to be a runner again, but in the meantime charges around after her two small boys!

I'm a tea-drinking, book-loving, gadget-girl living in Switzerland who aspires one day to be a runner again, but in the meantime charges around after her two small boys! I write about living, working, reading and bringing up my family in Zurich.

It used to say...
I'm a tea-drinking bookworm from England who now lives in Switzerland, land of chocolate and mountains!
I write about living, working, running and reading in Zürich.

Patrick, Weeks 10, 11 and 12

Week 12 / Week 11 / Week 10

Our little lad is a chunky little monkey! During the day he sleeps a lot, ft. time to crack open the eeding every 4 to 5 hours and then stays awake all evening until early in the morning. Night time he is sleeping though ie doing 4.5 to 6 hour stretches.

He is finding his hands, sucking his thumb and his fists. The repetoire of dinosaur noises is growing and we get lots of smiles, although they are proving elusive once the camera appears. This weekend I will have to sort his clothes out and crack open the 3 to 6 months box! Oh and I think I need a new user pic for him :-)