October 3rd, 2011


Tweeting in the gaps - September 2011

trying out baby pmm in his babybjorn. he's not convinced, is wriggling but has at least stopped crying. And I can still type :-)
1 Sep via web

I swear that baby knows when I get on the laptop and start typing! He's hiccupping and crying and I suspect is hungry again. ho hum :-(
2 Sep via web

blogging and breastfeeding simultaneously - clever mami, clever baby :-)
3 Sep via web

what makes me happy? Eating my home made bread, warm from oven with butter!
3 sept via web

trying to clear my desk and pay the bills before all 2 boys return :-)
4 Sep via web

Desk has been cleared, now to pay the bills, complete the urgent tasks, feed the baby and ice some fairycakes!
4 Sep via web

My lovely hubbie mr.ncot has just made me weep a little by telling me I look beautiful in this photo :-) http://pic.twitter.com/fQX6du6
4 Sep via web

I am turning into my Mother... http://j.mp/pccjUW
4 Sepvia LiveJournal.com

Am exhausted - tiredest i've been since baby p arrived! He's now 5.8kg at 7 weeks ie 95th percentile for weight, 50th for height so I'm ...
5 Sep via txt

struggling to sync my windows phone with outlook - why is this always so damn difficult?!
8 Sep via web

favourite part of the day? when all 3 boys are asleep and i get time on the sofa with laptop and small glass of wine! Next? online shop!
8 Sep via web

20 cupcakes made, now to ice them and turn them into the hungry caterpillar birthday cake!
9 Sep via web

It has taken me HOURS to ice 20 cupcakes and I am cream crackered :-(
10 Sep via web

I am all partied out - toddlers, birthday cake, balloons and a little bit of bubbly for the grown ups :-)
10 Sep via web

end of a lovely day with my parents who are visiting!
11 Sep via web

grandparents, toddler and baby are all sat on the sofa watching the Gruffalo :-) All quiet and entranced. I am in the kitchen online lol!
12 Sep

watch this and just laugh :-) me and the toddler loved it! http://vimeo.com/26784202
12 Sep

parents have left, flat is tidied, baby asleep and bread is banking in the oven :-) Oh and I have had a shower and hairwash today!
13 Sep

am ignoring my darling baby boy and this seems to have stopped him crying for food!
16 Sep

Baby slept from 0030 to 0630 - Result, 6 hours sleep and we are sleeping through! Can we have a repeat tonight please? :-)
16 Sep

finally finished clearing and cleaning desk and my stack of intrays!
16 Sep

toddler M is definitely a "Palmer" - today he learnt the word "burp". The word burp was brought to him by baby p :-)
16 Sep

Bliss - have delegated and hubbie is giving baby a bottle. Me? Bubbly bath, glass wine, glossy mag!
18 Sep

Love the smell of a freshly cleaned flat! Love the slippery feel of those wooden floors :-)
20 Sep

STILL feeding baby! Please stop dear boy, I need to go to bed, it's 0130 :-( Now waiting for toddler to wake up and start crying!
21 Sep

had a lovely playdate with friend Claire and daughter - thanks girls!
21 Sep

am delighted, suddenly got screen resolution of 1680 x 1050 when attached to external monitor - after weeks of fixes and restarts
21 Sep

why am I still up blogging and searching the web aimlessly, instead of going to sleep? Know that baby will wake at 0230, go to bed!!!
23 Sep

bad morning - toddler had meltdown and inconsolable crying when he realised Mum was doing morning routine, not Dad. My heart is broken :-(
23 Sep

ha! refprmatted my external drive and got it working again - backups, here we come!
23 Sep

my little baby boy is lying on the bed and making weird dinosaur type noises (or at least the noises I think a baby dinosaur would make!)
23 Sep

I like pottering around my flat, clearing up, when the boys have left and baby is asleep. Day is still full of possibilities!
27 Sep

just had my personal training session with Katha and I am definitely making progress- hello embryionic stomach muscles :-)
27 Sep

just had lovely lunch out with hubbie and youngest son :-) Plus the september sun is still shining - life is good!v
28 Sep

Loved this website :-) - Draw a #stickman http://bit.ly/qJCJeK via @hitcents
28 Sep

am finally setting up a backup routine with Norton! And am now the proud owner of a 1TB portable external hard disc!
28 Sep

loving the beautiful end of September weather, trees are turning, autumn is coming!
30 Sep

Conversations with Markus...

Originally uploaded by nice_cup_of_tea
So our little lad has few words, but great communication skills. Today's post has been brought to you by the word "Tram"....

Markus: Tram!
Me: Yes darling, it's a tram

Yes, a tram

Yep, another tram

No, that's actually a trolley bus, but close enough

Oh look, the tram driver's waving at you!

Yep, that's out tram, let's get on

No, that's a digger, look, it's yellow like the one in your book

Tram, nee nah?
No, that's a dee dah, sorry, fire engine

finally Mami gives in and just joins in with the general joy of seeing all things vehicular, we take turns at pointing out the window and saying...


I can't wait until I have 2 small boys pointing at vehicles :-)

30 days had September - how I did!

I set myself some resolutions for September and they did really help me to focus and move on.

I realised that I don't actually walk much each day, averaging less than 6000 steps most days. My fitbug goals are to do 7000 steps a day, of which 3400 should be aerobic. However, I am consistently getting nearer the target. In October I will briskly walk 20 minutes a day with the pram, on a good day twice! And I will start hitting my daily targets :-)
But today, I clocked 8112 steps (achieved goal of 6900 steps) and I clocked 3075 aerobic steps (nearly met goal of 3400 steps). I am making progress!

I didn't blog every single day - I had 26 posts on 17 days - and a good mix of "what I did" posts and more reflective ramblings. This month? More of the same. I have a folder of post ideas, so hope to work my way through these. Committing to writing each day makes it easier to write more. I know that my posts can be short and sweet if necessary!

And wow, did I get lots of tasks done from my lists! Too many tasks to mention, but I ordered the things I needed to order from the internet, subscribed to the Harvard Business Review and Intelligent life, cleared my intray, got up to date with bills, tasks and paper work, set up a backup routine for my laptop, setup the new printer/scanner and generally got on top of things again. Oh, and got up to date with ordering the professional photos of markus and patrick. The idonethis.com website really helped! I think I watched less TV and faffed less, I hope I also lost some weight in September! I also felt good that I found time to get things done for me.

October will focus on the clearing up tasks - ie sorting my bureau, sorting bookshelves, refiling University notes and collating memory boxes, but more importantly - throwing most of my bits of paper away - and just keeping what is relevant for my memories. I want to focus on photos in November!

In October I will:
- Walk briskly for 20 minutes each day
- Do my core muscle exercises each day
- Blog daily
- Do one task a day