September 21st, 2011


Patrick, Week 9

Patrick alternates between sleeping 6 hours straight one night and then waking me at 2am and 5am the next night. I have been feeding him all evening - it is now 0115 and after another long feed I have put him in bed, and now I hear him crying again! It is week 9 and this Mummy is super tired and is putting on weight, probably because of the comfort eating....

First proper smile / laugh / fraternal interaction

It begins here :-) Patrick has been proto-smiling for a weeks, and they have been becoming slowly more authentic. Today Markus was "tickling" Patrick's feet with a small soft dog toy and Patrick then genuinely smiled and gave a sort of laugh. My gorgeous boy Markus responded with a delighted laugh in return. The interaction between them, good, bad and ugly starts here - I am a proud Mami!

Had lovely play date today with photographer friend Claire Pearson, who surprised me with this gorgeous gift :-)


30 days challenge
blogged - yes
logged - 3020 steps, 13 minutes of exercises
tasks - photos chosen and ordered, screen resolution sorted