September 12th, 2011


On Grandparents and the Gruffalo

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Today I learnt that a fractitious baby and a whingy toddler can be soothed by three things:

1. Grandparents who have time and patience to cuddle, soothe and play
2. A comfy sofa
3. The Gruffalo film (on repeat if necessary)
Watch here and here for the film

Oh and just cos I think Rob Brydon is fab, here he is being Al Pacino narrating the Gruffalo!


30 Days Challenge
blogged - yes, twice
logged - 294 steps
tasks - bfing bras and tops bought

The power of the laugh!

I stumbled across this video today - Reminds me of the power of the belly laugh and the fact that laughing is so damn contagious. Markus watched it with a little smirk on his face. I belly laughed and shook until tears ran down my face. Of course, part of this is still down to those pesky post birth / breastfeeding hormones, but still... I challenge you to watch it and not laugh!

click here to laugh