August 19th, 2011


Markus at 24 months

Markus is 2!

We celebrated Markus' 2nd birthday somewhat small scale on Sunday last, it being only 2 weeks or so since I left hospital. However I did manage to make a cake and we did do a lot of playing with trains, cars and operating the garage! click here for all the photos. A proper birthday party will follow soon...

Markus is in such a cute stage at the moment. He plays independently, but loves it when we play with him, he "tells" us what to do, how and when, even though he still isn't really talking. Hand signals are very effective :-) He loves jumping, leaping, throwing AND catching (sometimes!). He blows us kisses, gives us open mouthed kisses on the cheeks and throws his arms around us in great big hugs. He is fascinated by baby and brings him toys which get "thrown" more or less gently into the baby's hammock. And yet he craves more hugs at the moment, seems to be a bit more senstive and cries in a distraught fashion if either of us tell him no!

Nearly 12kg, 85cm and under the 25 percentile for both. The words he does say are mostly swiss german and he is now fascinated by counting!

Snapshots then and now
24 months

12 months

0 months

Being a big brother

Dear Markus,

We are so proud of you! You have amazed us by how quickly you have accepted Patrick into the family.

It's early days for sure and perhaps you haven't realised yet that Patrick is here to stay, but you are fascinated by your baby brother.

Before leaving the flat, you check all the rooms to locate Baby and to say "bye bye Ba By!". When you come home from Kinderkrippe, the same thing happens. You're not happy until baby brother ha been located, viewed and named. Ba By! We love the way that "ba By" is one of your few words. You say it with the stress on the second syllable, which is just cute. You even said it when I was pregnant, whilst patting my bump.

You gently prod Patrick in the stom in the stomach as if to say "look out buster, big brother here, checking in on you." When Patrick cries, you shush him, with your finger to his mouth. Sorry Buddy, that'a not necessarily going to work, but you can keep trying, cos frankly it's funny and adorable to watch.

When we change Patrick's nappy, you stand on the stool next to the changing table and watch. You help by passing me a clean nappy, a dry cloth, the Vitamin d drops.

You even seem to understand that when I'm feeding Patrick, you need to come and sit next to me, sometimes with a book, and that I just have one arm to cuddle you.

When Patrick is in his hammock, you bring over his rattle, and drop it in there.

I can't wait to see what happens as Patrick and you grow up. Looking forward to all the games, adventure and nonsense you're going to have.

your proud mami xxx