August 1st, 2011


Patrick's First Fortnight

Hard to believe, but little Patrick Martin has been with us for 2 weeks exactly (feels as though he has always been here with us!)

We are settled into a good routine, he is sleeping and eating well. Regained his birth weight by day 10, even given that he had 4 days in the speical baby unit at the start. Midwife is happy with him and he has already had his first bath.

I am recovering a lot quicker than last time and feel pretty good. Tired and a bit achey, but very happy. My sister is staying for 10 days whilst Alan goes back to work. Hoping that I will get some time to blog and sort photos.

Markus is relating well to his new little brother - he makes sure that he knows where baby is, tells Patrick to shush (with finger on lips) and says "Ba-by!" and gently prods him :-) So far, so good! He likes peering into the hammock to watch him sleep (see photo!)

Here are the snapshots from his first fortnight! click on photo to enlarge! More posts and photos to follow in the next week.


Patrick, Week 1

week 1
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Just like I did for Markus, I will be posting weekly photos of Patrick up until 1 year, then monthly photos. The background is another lovely blanket, given to me by Claire Pearson, my photographer friend :-)

At one week, Patrick has been home from the hospital just 2 days and has settled in well. He feeds every 3 to 4 hours and wakes me up just twice at night :-) He took to breastfeeding like a champ and is putting on weight - midwife Oyen very happy.

Favourite place to chill? In the hammock! Markus is fascinated by him, loves to watch his nappy being changed and will say "baby" before gently prodding him!

Dear Patrick, welcome to our family!

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Dear Patrick Martin!

Hallo, Welcome to the World, we are glad you are finally here! Welcome to the Moran/Palmer gang of boys.

You came quickly and easily into this world, letting us know you had arrived by your small cries and I wept tears of joy when I realised you were safely here and as I caught my first glimpse of you around the screen.

You are already proving yourself to be a little fighter after 4 days on the Neonatalogy ward (special babies unit). Long may this stubborn, fighting spirit of yours continue. Never let yourself be beaten.

I know that you are Markus are going to be great buddies and fighting foes and lifetime companions for each other, long after your papi and I are gone. Look after each other. Both of you will keep us on our toes.

I am so excited to be a Mami of two lovely little lads and to have my gang of three boys around me. I am now officially outnumbered!

We are looking forward to getting to know you so much better in the weeks to come, we are enjoying this special newborn time, it goes by so fast. Your Papi and I spend time just gazing at you and wondering how you turned out so cute. We listen to you breathe, watch you doing your "baby tai chi" and laugh as you poop and fart!

Much love
your happy and grateful mami x

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I will always be there to hold your hand....