April 22nd, 2011


Markus at 20 Months

2011_04_14 Month 20
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Well, Markus got his hair cut and now looks like a proper little boy!

I think he's teething again (canine teeth), becuase he's not eating well and is generally quite up and down, grumpy, waking up more often at night.

He gets very cuddly and often wants me. He has started to pat or poke my bump and we have started to tell him that there is a baby inside. I think he knows something is up, hence the clinginess.

New words this month - "nein" and "hallo", plus he loves to jump on the bed. He can count to one - he says "eiiis" (eins, one) and counts to three with his fingers, then ending with "üüh" (drüü, three). Very cute.

Noticed the other day that he has really shot up in height - can see easily over the edge of the bath without being on tiptoe. Still not a great eater at home though - lives on carbohydrates and philadelphia cheese, oh and yoghurts.

New game? Obstacle course in the living room, jumping onto and over the sofa cushions on the floor :-)
New skill? Taking a tissue and "blowing his nose"
And we recently got a bag of toys that make noise from a friend of mine!


New Gmail signature!

Every gmail signature tells a story :-)

Warning - My walking, rampaging toddler is grabbing my legs & bump no.2 is kicking
Therefore, please excuse the short and sweet email, and any typing errors.
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