March 5th, 2011


Tweeting in the gaps - February 2011

finally finished transcribing 3 interviews I did at work - had no idea it would take so long! How do I turn them into a 2000 word article? 11:55 PM Feb 28th via web

can anyone recomend a good book for Markus (now 18 months) to prepare him for baby no 2 in July. he will be nearly 2 then. 3:07 PM Feb 28th via web

just had a great personal training session with Katha. Can highly recommend her! 2:59 PM Feb 28th via web

Markus has learnt how to pull tissues out of box and bring them to me. If he could only learn to blow his nose, we would have a hat trick! 9:34 AM Feb 28th via web

Felt first kick (from outside belly) last night (@ 18 weeks), plus little kicklets the last 2 weeks! 11:10 AM Feb 27th via web

snowing heavily in Unteriberg! 11:09 AM Feb 27th via web

having a lovely time in Unteriberg. One baby asleep, one baby playing trains, 4 adults
playing with laptops and phones! 10:29 AM Feb 27th via web

Hurrah - off to Unteriberg for the weekend to see A, E and A :-) 3:42 PM Feb 25th via web
bills are paid! 1:41 PM Feb 25th via web

Done today? Soak in bath, demoulded flat, one book read :-) 11:44 AM Feb 24th via web

looking forward to 3 days off, nothing planned, just time for me! Next Dr Appt tomorrow with big scan of baby :-) 10:46 PM Feb 22nd via web

Markus, 18th months, active, happy, still not really talking, but copies everything we do! 10:09 PM Feb 21st via Flickr

Kitchen clean and scrubbed, banana cake in the oven, nice smells coming from kitchen! 9:04 PM Feb 21st via web

nice chilled day at home with Markus - he helped empty bins, put clothes in washing machine, but drew the line at baking banana cake! 7:11 PM Feb 21st via web

made a new mummy friend today - hurrah for the expats-in-zurich yahoo mailing list! 2:46 PM Feb 21st via web

we off to Geneva in an hour - to see our friends Gabi, Andrea and Alex! Hurrah :-) 5:28 PM Feb 18th via web

cooking carrot cake and shepherd's pie for this evening, whilst feeding Toddler M bread pudding. Domestic goddess, moi? :-) 5:04 PM Feb 14th via web

Feel great now that our news is out and official! 12:37 PM Feb 12th via web

Another baby cup of tea is brewing! 11:22 AM Feb 12th via

Fantastic, miraculous news! I am pregnant and we are expecting baby no.2 to arrive at the end of July this year! We are so thrilled & happy! 11:22 AM Feb 12th via web

blessed peace - have the flat to myself - what to do? I think stay in bed with nice cup of tea and laptop is the only course of action! 10:40 AM Feb 12th via web

On being an introvert and being proud of it! 10:21 AM Feb 8th via

Found a great new blog called Quiet - the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking! Hurrah :-) 9:51 AM Feb 8th via bitly

Monday lunch with Karen @ tidbits! yummy 1:06 PM Feb 7th via Flickr

Monday again?! Where do the weeks go? 9:31 AM Feb 7th via web

After 13 happy years of wearing them, these sandals have to go. Think this means I'm not a shoe shopaholic! 8:43 PM Feb 6th via Flickr

Have done some buggy maintence - pumped tyres, cleaned frame, oiled bits, took off wheels and degunked. Runs like a dream, no need to push! 4:59 PM Feb 6th via web

we have created a monster - toddler M. has learnt the sign for biscuit and has turned into an insatiable cookie monster! 12:02 PM Feb 6th via web

The benefits of active listening 10:40 PM Feb 5th via

Today I learnt that at a push M. will eat slightly stale bread with philadelphia cheese :-) Baby Mummy still hasn't been shopping! 1:48 PM Feb 5th via web

Home alone with toddler m, and trying in vain to clean up the kitchen :-) 10:01 AM Feb 5th via web

My favourite part of the day! 3:03 AM Feb 2nd via