February 12th, 2011


Another baby cup of tea is brewing!

We have some fabulous, fantastic, miraculous news to share!

I am 17 weeks pregnant with baby no.2 - Markus is going to be a big brother :-) And what is even more amazing - this time we did it all by ourselves! Can I just say that we are very proud of ourselves :-)

Baby no. 2 is expected at the end of July. I am now safely into the second trimester (after a few difficult weeks over Christmas) and am feeling much better now, have loads more energy. My belly is expanding more quickly than last time, but weight gain is a little less! This weekend the maternity clothes will be liberated from the attic!

We are so excited and it is great to be finally telling people. Somehow, this time round, I wanted to keep things quiet for longer. With Markus' pregnancy, the IVF process meant that I felt pregnant for about a year and lots of people knew about it. Which was great, we needed the support. This time around the pregnancy is flying past and it feels lovely to have kept our secret for ourselves for just a little bit.

Last night watched the film Juno, which is terrific and made me sob, like only a hormonal, pregnant woman can. Best quote? "I have heartburn radiating to my kneecaps" and this just about sums things up at the moment!

As before, I have a specific project baby (pb) filter which contain details of pregnancy and this new journey in my life. If you want to be included in this filter, just reply to this post. Otherwise my public and friends posts may mention my pregnancy in passing, but will not contain any details. Other than a post of course when baby turns up, mr.ncot willing!

I have already written a few posts since December about project baby no.2, click here to catch up with the journey so far, including my pleasant shock at discovering I was pregnant!

So, that's the news from the Moran Palmer household in Zurich!