December 27th, 2010


Markus at 15 and 16 months

Month 15 and 16 (taken 14 Nov and 14 Dec 2010)

Our little lad is now definitely on the move, walks everywhere, loves his new boots, can walk backwards, drags his toys with him. Can also twirl round and round in circles, plus does a little stampy feet dance when he's excited or a wiggly tummy dance when music comes on.

He copies the actions that we do (ie washing hands, blowing nose, brushing hair), but isn't really very intereted in babysigning at the moment. Loves "playing" with my ipod, he drapes the earphones over his shoulders and drags the ipod along the floor behind him.

In the last month or two has really got interested in his books. Spends a lot of time choosing his book to "read", will bring it over and sit on a lap to read it, then will flick through the pages. Will "maiow" and "woof" when he sees a cat or a dog on the page.

For christmas he has been playing with his new "calfy" trike (although his legs are just a tad too little) and has figured out steering and 3 point turns, but the best present was the house Daddy made him out of the cardboard box!

He is now 10.4kg and 75.5cm tall


Livejournal Review of 2010

It's quite simple: the first sentence of the first entry for each month in 2010 :-)
I wrote less this year, let's see what caught my attention, I'm guessing it was Markus related!

Jan: Trying to do some end of Year / New Year blogging!

Feb: Dear Markus, Today is your first step towards independence and it is exciting and scary for all of us.

Mar: I am back at my desk, everything and nothing has changed!

April: trying to plan ceremony for Markus - invites, order of service, hotel bookings, cake making :-)

May: Life is rushing past and I am way behind on all lj entries. Just wanted to wave to all lj friends and say "I will be back"!

June: So, this is so late, but there is a new arrival at Kew. My bestest mate Sal and lovely hubbie Amit welcomed Ajay to the world on 17th May!

July: The last couple of weeks have been exhausting, in a good and a bad way.

Aug:, Stewart Lee in the OBserver, 01.08.10

Sept: Well, I am trying a new strategy to help me find time to blog, write, sort photos and generally get on top of my creative tasks :-)

Oct: On today's agenda...... I have the following (it is going to be a LONG day!)

Nov: Warning - My little baby boy is now a walking, rampaging toddler, grabbing my legs!

Dec: Had lovely relaxing day at spa with best mate sal and it is still snowing!