December 6th, 2010


Tweeting in the gaps - November 2010

Had lovely relaxing day at spa with best mate sal and it is still snowing!
5:50 PM Nov 27th via txt

First snow of the winter :-)
9:24 AM Nov 24th via txt

so excited! My parents are driving to Zurich in their new camper van and will be here on Dec 3rd! Now trying to find a camp site for them.
9:14 AM Nov 22nd via web

Have only managed to sell 6 books but at least have covered my table fee!
1:36 PM Nov 20th via txt

Long day of training successfully behind me - now off to baby swimming!
6:23 PM Nov 18th via txt

multitasking in the kitchen in my jimjams after a long day at work - cooking, drinking white wine, blogging and updating pwg website :-)
7:32 PM Nov 17th via web

Just off to fifa hq in zurich for our nov. pwg event. very excited!
5:29 PM Nov 16th via txt

Hurrah! Can finally tweet again via my mobile - only took Twitter support 6 weeks to give me the correct info :-) We got there in the end!
2:19 PM Nov 14th via web

2:16 PM Nov 14th via txt

back home after a long day of training! Bit sad that we have delivered the last of the "Stakeholder Management" trainings this year :-/
7:17 PM Nov 9th via web

really unhappy at the lack of support from twitter. Have failed to solve a simple support call and keep marking the call as "solved" :-(
1:00 PM Nov 8th via web

My new Gmail signature!
12:57 PM Nov 8th via

listening to bbc 6 music and laughing as markus wiggles to rap. we are now fighting for possession of the keyboard!
11:14 AM Nov 8th via web

just had a nice haircut and colour :-) my head feels kilos lighter!
3:14 PM Nov 6th via web

Just had really good personal training session with Katarina :-)
10:52 AM Nov 1st via web

Resolution update - November 2010

Resolution Update Nov
November has been a slightly better month at work, projects are finishing for the year and I am looking to next year

Write Daily
Have been missing my writing this month, very few tweets or livejournal entries. I really notice the difference when I don't make time and space for me to write.

Exercise Daily
Haven't got back to yoga, but have had another personal training session with Katarina.
Haven't used the yoga dvds either!

Maintain food diary
More compliments from work colleagues, am still slowly losing weight, 2kg to go before I reach my intermediate goal

Life is good, looking forward to 2 weeks holiday from Dec 16th!