October 26th, 2010


When did you last see your sofa?

I just read a timely article in November's Red Magazine entitled "When did you last see your sofa" - which looks at why women can't just take a day off and relax, why will fill our precious time off with running all those tasks, ticking all these thing off our to do lists. It could be written for me!

"A day off is meant to be for relaxing, not running errands and ticking off a never ending to-do list. It's time to reclaim the couch" Sali Hughes, Red

She offers these tips:
*'Not-to-do' Lists (write down the things you find pleasurable purely for pleasure's sake)
*Schedule the Nothing (plan inactivity, put relaxation alongside other dates in the diary)
*Set a Time limit (if absolutely necessary, do chores, put only until 12 o'clock, then relax)
*Get Out (Don't stay at home, chores will suck you in, get out and relax!)

What does this mean for me and my week off? Here is the updated post-it plan on my wall.
btw - is there nothing that can't be solved using postit notes? :-)

I have 3 categories and the aim is to get a balance of all three. Today has been mostly should-dos!
hearts = feel good
flowers = want to do
arrow = should do

Starting back at Yoga

Today I had a one-to-one lesson with Michele at Yogaway, a small yoga studio about 5 minutes walk away. I really enjoyed it, realised I was SO stiff after a VERY long time away from yoga. But I came to it with good intentions and am now going to attempt a class once a week.