October 16th, 2010


Planning my week off!

In a week's time, I have a week off work, which means 4 whole days entirely to myself. Alan will be at work, the little lad will be in the nursery, and I will have time for me :-)

So, what should I plan to do? All suggestions welcome.

My list so far (so as to enjoy the anticipation of a week off)
* have a yoga lesson
* walk up and along the Uetliberg
* Sit in Starbucks, watch the world go by and write in my journal (stick in quotes, cartoons)
* go to an afternoon film ON MY OWN and eat sweet popcorn
* read a few books and drink a nice cup of tea
* sort my photos
* start blurb book of Markus' first year
* finally chose photos from all our photo shoots
* have lunch with a friend or two
* sort out my boxes of memories / school books on the shelves
* Go to the asia spa and have a treatment!
* start running / Walking each day
* start practicing yoga each day
* Optician
* Ring Samsung technical support adn find out how to download apps and get podcast downloads
* get wedding video onto dvd
* Go to library at Sihlcity
* buy autumn boots - Clarks?

If anyone sees a twitter status from me in the last week of October, which is something other than the list above - permission to gently scold me!