September 19th, 2010


Gmail signatures which tell a story!

When I got back on the laptop after Markus was born, I changed my gmail signature to this:

Warning - Baby on lap!
Please excuse the short and sweet email, and any typing errors.
Go to for my blog, photos and links

I got some nice feedback about this signature, so have continued to change it...

From Warning - Baby on lap! to
Warning - Wriggling big baby on lap! to
Warning - Crawling baby at feet! to
Warning - "nearly walking" baby climbing up my legs!

I am just waiting for the walking phase, which will undoubtedly coincide with internet silence from this end!

Resolution update - September 2010

Resolution Update Sept
The fact that there were no June through August resolution updates tells the story!

Write Daily
Ï am beginning to carve out some space for myself, in which to think and blog again. Still room for improvement, but I feel good about it.

Exercise Daily
Walking more to work and into town. Want to start yoga this month

Maintain food diary
Losing weight steadily, logging weight loss per week and becoming much more aware of portion control. I have 2 more sessions with my nutritionist which should help. Goal is to lose 15 kilos. But 10 kilos by the end of the year would be good!

Life is feeling more manageable at the moment, even though work is crazy. I am freeing up more time to write and blog my photos and this helps me feel more in control.