September 13th, 2010


Finding my creative space!

Well, I am trying a new strategy to help me find time to blog, write, sort photos and generally get on top of my creative tasks :-) I know that when I have time to be creative, it relieves my stress levels.

So tonight dear readers, me and my laptop are test driving Cafe Bubbles at the end of my street. It has wireless access, chilled music, books to share and does a nice white wine spritzer.

I have so much to blog about, but will catch up with the last 4 months of posts over the next few weeks, including Markus' first birthday celebrations, his weekly snapshots, our holiday in the mountains, his blessing ceremonies in London (July) and Zurich (May) and our trip to Dublin.

So, the quick summary for now is as follows:
- Life is good, all three of us are well and happy
- Markus is crawling, standing and nearly walking - is into everything
- He points at random things, yells for attention and lovees his rocking horse
- I am really busy at work and trying to work out how to balance everything

And to celebrate, a new user pic, photo taken by the lovely sunneschii who I met a few weeks ago by the lake in Zurich!

Here are the lovely orginals she took of us!

How are the rest of you doing? I read your posts, even if I'm not commenting too often!

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