August 30th, 2010


Tweeting in the gaps - August 2010

hurrah it's friday and i am relaxing at my favorite spa and i get to stay overnight! thanks to my lovely hubbie :-) wellness here i come. 8:17 AM Aug 27th via txt

The secret of a quiet 1-year old? Let them take all your cds out of the desk shelving and then jam them back in, whilst you email furiously! 11:01 AM Aug 23rd via web

we are gluttons for punishment - visiting not 1, but 2 IKEAs in Zurich today - but now have everything to finish M's room, only 1 year late! 10:54 AM Aug 21st via web

long, long day at work, now trying to wind down and get to bed early. I have a nightmare week at work coming up. Baby steps.... 4:23 PM Aug 16th via web

Can't believe my little lad is one today - doing last minute cake decorating and clearing up. Hurrah for baby parties :-) 8:41 AM Aug 14th via web

Hurrah! Am able to fit into 2 more pairs of trousers :-) am so excited. this doubles my wardrobe choices in the morning! 4:44 AM Aug 10th via txt

Catching up on paperwork whilst the little one sleeps! 5:21 AM Aug 9th via web

Creative endeavours for the week? Painting first birthday tshirt and baking / decorating first birthday cake for my boy... 6:52 PM Aug 8th via web

have moved desk into bedroom- hope this will help me do some writing in the evenings! 6:51 PM Aug 8th via web

Mummy ncot is giving up and going back to bed for an hour or so! So much to do, but no energy or motivation to do it! 11:56 AM Aug 8th via web

having a day of M. being full of beans, but so not wanting a nap. We are knackered! 11:51 AM Aug 8th via web

Beautiful eve spent at the "Cinema by the lake" watching the film "young victoria" - perfect inspiration and time spent with a friend :-) 8:02 PM Aug 3rd via txt