July 14th, 2010


Lessons Learnt...

The last couple of weeks have been exhausting, in a good and a bad way. I have had a few weeks of leaving home before M. was awake and getting home when he was in bed. Lucky for us we have Alan!

And yet a combination of trainings that I have delivered, people I have met and experiences gathered have given me lots of valuable lessons and feedback for my own personal growth and development.

In no particular order, I have learn the following:

* I am a blue person (google the DISC model) - I like order, rules, exactness, quality, and I prefer to work on my own

* I have learn that I moderate and lead trainings really well (feedback form internal colleagues and external ones) - and that I am funnier and even more expert when I "perform" in english

I motivate and support external trainers and support staff

I do better with people one on one. In larger groups I don't speak that much, but when I do, people really listen to and value my opinion

* I have been having regular sessions with a nutrionist and have been slowly but consistently losing weight. Interestingly, we time goes on, we speak less about food and eating and more about life generally. At my last session we talked about what I needed to gain more control and feel more relaxed about life. I said that writing in my blog was important to me, but that I didn't manage to do this very often. She challenged me to write every day, to find the time for this, which today I managed :-)

Coincidentally somebody emailed me today (out of the blue) to say that they had found my blog and really appreciated my writing and photos - I think this is a sign.

Out of all these lessons I have learnt that I am who I am, but that I should find more time to do the things I really enjoy and which support me!