April 26th, 2010


One thing at a time / Eins nach dem anderen...

I have found a genius time management tip on the blog wherethebrightwomenare.com. They make the radical suggestion that everyday, we should decide what ONE THING do we want to do WELL today. More here

It doesn't sound much, but tackling one thing a day would nevertheless reduce my todo list by 30 by the end of the month. I would have a good chance of success. And I would stopy falling into my destructive "all or nothing" mindset. As Gretchen Rubin of the happiness project often comments, we overestimate what we can do in the short term, but underestimate what we can do over the long term.

So, what one thing are you going to tackle from your to do list today? I am going to finally finish the last Baby Bunny :-)