March 22nd, 2010


Finding his Feet!

week 31
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My little cuties is going through the feet chewing stage and sometimes seems to shove his foot so far down, that he coughs and chokes!

I was woken up this morning to Markus practising his bilabial plosives - "ba ba ba ba ba ba ba" - very cute for the first 30 seconds!

He is a lazy laid back sort of chap, so he will roll over onto his front, but can't be bothered to roll back. Still no teeth, but lots of baby slobber. He has just finished fighting off an eye infection, but still has a cough which wakes us up at 11pm, 2am and 4am - are coughs habit forming?

And this weekend was our second night away with him and he was a total star!

Weekend in the Mountains

This weekend we visited Eddie, Al and Aimee in Unteriberg. Aimee is exactly 2 months older than Markus and its great to have friends just ahead of us in the family adventure.

Of course, most of the weekend was spent in baby talk and play. But during Sat dinner, we had a baby discussion ban and we all did pretty well in finding other topics of conversation! Markus was a star and slept well in a strange place. And I did well in driving us all in the mobility car to Unteriberg. A successful weekend.