March 7th, 2010


My maternity leave is definitely over :-)

I realised this when mr. ncot and i finished watching the last episode of Frasier on Friday night :-)

6 months leave
11 series of Frasier
= lots of laughs and quality late night watching
Frasier and family have been a constant companion over the last months! I had a few tears in my eye as we got to the end - I know, I'm a real softie...

I think what makes the series so special was the play like quality of the episodes (a restricted number of characters, only a few venue), the clever farce like quality of the episodes, and the depth of the relationship in the family, father -son, brother-brother, and extended family. Oh, and of course the best character of all - Eddie the dog!

Markus at 6.5 months, our cheeky chappy!

Our gorgeous boy just gets cuter - "Too cute for the orphanage" as my brother would say :-)
He has taken all the recent changes in his stride (starting nursery, new pram, eating solids, me going back to work) and just loves laughing and smiling, particularly for mr.ncot! This weekend he has finally started rolling over completely independantly, when we are not looking :-)

Weeks 27, 28, 29

Markus grows week by week and Markus grows month by month

My little waterbaby!

Markus and I have been on a 6 week water course since the end of January and Thursday nights at the pool are the highlight of our week. Given that I love swimming, soak endlessly in the bath and went on a birth preparation water course, it's no real surprise that baby ncot loves the water! The first week or two he just took it all in and was just quite chilled. By the last couple of weeks he has just really given it all in the water, splashing, playing and expending lots of energy. And by the last session, he has been quite happy being passed under water to me, and doing a assisted entry into the water from the pool side!

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