February 23rd, 2010


First family holiday

This weekend we enjoyed our first family holiday, well, first overnight stay in a hotel :-)

Our favourite hotel in Switzerland (so far) is the Hotel Montana, Luzern. Beautifully decorated in Art Deco style, friendly service, beautiful views and good food. We stayed there in September 2003 when we were wondering whether to move to Switzerland, and then again in March 2008 and August 2009, as a final fling before having baby!

As usual, they didn't disappoint. They provided a cot, changing table, plus a cute baby washing kit :-) We went for a few walks along by the lake in the beautiful winter sunshine, and then had a romantic supper in our room, with the lights and the TV down low, whispering, so as not to wake Markus! He woke at 0230, 0430 and 0630, but wasn't too worried about it.
Photos of stay

Then (Aug 2008) and now (Mar 2010) on the balcony!


Things I loved about Maternity Leave

* Being able to slob around in my jimjams until all hours
* time to potter and keep the kitchen clean, flat cleared and washing done
* time to lie on the bed and just play with our little lad
* walking through my local neighbourhood during the day, with time to talk to people (like my hairdresser!)
* meeting old ladies on the street who coo over baby
* seeing how the world works when you're not stuck in an office
* time for coffee and lunch with friends
* time to cook proper meals in the evening