February 20th, 2010


Markus at 6 months and SO many changes!

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Markus grows week by week and Markus grows month by month

Last week on Valentine's Day, our lovely little boy was 6 months old and we honestly do not know where the time has gone. The last 2 months has just flown by. As you can see from the snapshots, he is really developing a cute, cheeky personality. Everything goes in his mouth and is discovered and chewed. He recognises us now from a distance away and laughs, smiles at us, particularly when Daddy dances for him. He loves being tickled, has a ticklish spot on his ribs and legs. Lets out big belly laughts when we change his nappy. Likes having raspberries blown on his stomach, and laughs when Alan rubs his chin on baby's chest.

He seems to be teething (well, since Christmas), but no teeth yet. Has had a cold and snuffles and some fever since start of Feb, but is full of beans in spite of this. He has learnt to pull the chain on his chair to play "Old Macdonald". He can roll over unaided, but doesn't really bother. Can nearly sit up unaided and loves sticking his feet in his mouth. When he is on the changing table, he can now reach up and grap the fish mobile, especially if he turns on his side. The other day he was completely distracted by the shadows of the fish mobile.

The big changes are that we moved him into his big bed (on Christmas eve), he started baby millet with milk on his 6 month birthday (Feb 14th), has been going to baby swimming and loving it since ? (separate post to follow) and started going to Kinderkrippe (Nursery) on Feb 1st (sep. post to follow).

I feel a mixture of pride and loss. I love the fact that his gaining more independance, that he is happy to be with other babies and toddlers at nursery and copes well with this new environment, and that he is moving away from just breastfeeding. And yet I feel a sense of slight sadness that he is growing away from us and that my role is changing - I am now longer his main carer and soon I have to return to the world of work. But all of life is change and I need to learn to embrace this change and to look forward to new discoveries and excitment. Bring it on....