January 27th, 2010

cartoon mug

Flirting in Starbucks...

Not me of course, but my charming boy, Markus Gerry.

It was a few weeks ago and we met my friend Jill for a New Year's coffee. Jill and I (as usual) were gossiping away, oblivious to the other cafe dwellers and Markus was having a cuddle, looking over my right shoulder.

I became aware that he was very quiet and looked over at him, to find him making flirty, cute, "look at my deep blue eyes and long eyelashes" faces at the table behind us. The swiss family of three (inc. teenager boy) were all making gooey cute baby faces right back at him and were rather shamefaced when I caught them doing it! But it certainly gave this proud Mami a laugh :-)

Here's a recent photo of hisnibs, since I've not been blogging recently...

So much to blog,

so little time.

I have a long list of blogs to catch up on, but wanted to blog quickly to say "Hi" to anyone who is wondering whether I am still here! Life is good and my little charmer of a boy holds more sway for me at the moment, than the laptop :-)

But, I will be writing some posts, but they may be posted out of order. In particular ranking (and mostly to remind myself) I need to write about:

Mgm 6 month update, including weekly photos
photos from christmas
Thoughts on going back to work
Flumseberg walk photos
postcards to my baby
Books read in 2009

The parable of the stripy south american dungarees

Sometimes in life, other people's confidence in us, more than makes up for our uncertainty about our future. I bring you the tale of the stripy south american dungarees, or "Gerry was right!"

These gorgeous stripy marvels were sent to us just before Markus was born, by my Aunt Sharon. Gerry and Sharon featured often on this blog and read it regularly. Gerry was my Uncle and Godfather and was someone who was very good at listening. He knew that we were trying for a family. And at his memorial service, I talked to Sharon about our IVF adventure that would be starting when I got back to Switzerland.

The letter that was enclosed with the dungarees told the following story:
"Believe it or not, Gerry and I bought this outfit more than 2 years ago (on their South America travels in a camper van), thinking that one of these years you would be having your first child."

I learnt two things on reading that letter.
1. Be careful what you read when a bit hormonal in the first week after giving birth. The letter is smudged with my tears and in fact mr.ncot had to rescue it from me as I sobbed
2. What a wonderful gift - to know that my beloved Uncle could still reach me after his death - and to know what confidence they both had on our behalf

And this is why "Little Gerry" (as Sharon calls Markus) finally got to wear and model his outfit today...

Markus shows he likes stripes too, but wasn't too happy when finally "strapped in" to the dungarees!