December 30th, 2009


Books read 2009

Books Read in 2009: 111
The Brightest Star in the Sky: Marian Keyes
Jumping the Queue: Mary Wesley
Small World: Matt Beaumont
And another thing: Eion Colfer
A Thousand Acres: Jane Smiley
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<font color="fuchsia"><b>Books Read in 2009: 111</b></font>
<a href="">The Brightest Star in the Sky: Marian Keyes</a>
<font color="red">110</font>
<a href="">Jumping the Queue: Mary Wesley</a>
<a href="">Small World: Matt Beaumont</a>
<a href="">And another thing: Eion Colfer</a>
<a href="">A Thousand Acres: Jane Smiley</a><a href=""The Manny: Holly Peterson</a>
<a href="">ArlingtonPark: Rachel Cusk</a>
<a href="">Cider House Rules: John Irving</a>
<a href="">Picture Perfect: Jodi Picoult</a>
<a href="">Into the Wild: Jon Krakauer</a>
<a href="">At Paradise Gate: Jane Smiley</a>
<font color="red">100</font>
<a href="”>Guppies for Tea: Marika Cobbold</a>
<a href="”>Stuart: Alexander Masters </a>
<a href="">The Fourth Hand: John Irvine</a>
<a href="">The unbearable lightness of being: Milan Kundera</a>
<a href="">Brother of the more famous Jack: Barbara Trapido</a>
<a href="">Double Vision: Pat Barker</a>
<a href="">Things my mother never told me: Blake Morrison</a>
<a href="">Inconceivable: Ben Elton</a>
<a href="">After you’d gone: Maggie O’Farrell</a>
<a href="">The other woman: Jane Green</a>
<font color="red">90</font>
<a href="”>Spellbound: Jane Green</a>
<a href="">Things I want my daughters to know: Elizabeth Noble</a>
<a href="">Don’t Eat this Book: Morgan Spurlock</a>
<a href="">Three Bags Full: Leonie Swann</a>
<a href="">Leaving the World: Douglas Kennedy</a>
<a href="">The Tenko Club: Elizabeth Noble</a>
<a href="">The Glass Lake: Maeve Binchy</a>
<a href="">The Reading Group: Elizabeth Noble</a>
<a href="">This is your Life: John O’Farrell</a>
<a href="">Marshmallows for Breakfast: Dorothy Koomson</a>
<font color="red">80</font>
<a href="">Shantaram: Gregory David Roberts</a>
<a href="">One Day: David Nicholls</a>
<a href="">Samantha Smythe's Modern Family Journal: Lucy Cavendish</a>
<a href="">How to paint a dead man: Sarah Hall</a>
<a href="">La's Orchestra saves the World: Alexander McCall Smith</a>
<a href="">Defying Hitler: Sebastian Haffner</a>
<a href="">What I talk about, when I talk about running: Haruki Murakami</a>
<a href="">Mother Tongue: Bill Bryson</a>
<a href="">Hanna's Daughters: Marianne Fredriksson</a>
<a href="">The Biography of Anne Frank, Roses from the Earth: Carol Anne Lee</a>
<font color="red">70</font>
<a href="">The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank: Ed. by Otto H. Frank and Mirjam Pressler</a>
<a href="">The Secret of Lost Things: Sheridan Hay</a>
<a href="">The Understudy: David Nicholls</a>
<a href="">The Heartbreaker: Susan Howatch</a>
<a href="">Staying Alive: Matt Beaumont</a>
<a href="">Babyville: Jane Green</a>
<a href="">Cause Celeb: Helen Fielding</a>
<a href="">Reading Lolita in Tehrain: Azar Nafisi</a>
<a href="">Good in Bed: Jennifer Weiner</a>
<a href="">Brothers and Sisters: Joanna Trollope</a>
<font color="red">60</font>
<a href="">The Uncommon Reader: Alan Bennett</a>
<a href="">Once in a Lifetime: Cathy Kelly</a>
<a href="">One Good Turn: Kate Atkinson</a>
<a href="">Case Histories: Kate Atkinson</a>
<a href="">The Optimist: Laurence Shorter</a>
<a href="">Secrets: Freya North</a>
<a href="">Never Let me Go: Kazuo Ishiguro</a>
<a href="">When will there be good news?: Kate Atkinson</a>
<a href="">The White Tiger: Aravind Adiga</a>
<a href="">How to kill your husband: Kathy Lette</a>
<font color="red">50</font>
<a href="">Seabiscuit: Laura Hillenbrand</a>
<a href="">Payback: Margaret Attwood</a>
<a href="">Three Stories and a Reflection: Patrick Süskind</a>
<a href="">State of Happiness: Stella Duffy</a>
<a href="">Letter from New York: Helene Haff</a>
<a href="">The no-cry sleep solution: Elizabeth Pantley</a>
<a href="">The Birth Partner: Penny Simkin</a>
<a href="">The Sun Road: Hannah MacDonald</a>
<a href="">Turning Thirty: Mike Gayle</a>
<a href="">The Seven Year Itch: Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees</a>
<font color="red">40</font>
<a href="">Skipping Christmas: John Grisham</a>
<a href="">The Memory Keeper's Daughter: Kim Edwards</a>
<a href="">Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: Tracy Hogg</a>
<a href="">Active Birth: Janet Balaskas</a>
<a href="">Everywoman - A gynaecological guide for life: Derek Llewellyn-Jones</a>
<a href="">Eating well when you're expecting: Heidi MUrkoff</a>
<a href="">The World is Flat: Thomas L. Friedman</a>
<a href="">Extreme Motherhood - Triplet Diaries: Jackie Clune</a>
<a href="">Stand and Deliver: Emma Mahony</a>
<a href="">Making Babies, Stumbling into Motherhood: Anne Enright</a>
<font color="red">30</font>
<a href="">The Best Friends' Guide to Motherhood: Vicki Lovine</a>
<a href="">How to talk about books you haven't read: Pierre Bayard</a>
<a href="">Outliers: Malcolm Gladwell</a>
<a href="">Plato and a Platypus walk into a bar: Thomas Cathcard and Daniel Klein</a>
<a href="">Mr Toppit: Charles Eton</a>
<a href="">The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Radio Scripts, The Tertiary, Quandray and Quintessential Phases: Dirk Maggs</a>
<a href="">Must Love Dogs: Claire Cook</a>
<a href="">Goodnight, Beautiful: Dorothy Koomson</a>
<a href="">Special Relationship: Robyn Sisman</a>
<a href="">Stories of English: David Crystal</a>
<font color="red">20</font>
<a href="">A Beautiful Mind: Sylvia Nasar</a>
<a href="">The Hours: Michael Cunningham</a>
<a href="">Neverwhere: Neil Gaiman</a>
<a href="">The Thief of Time: John Boyne</a>
<a href="">The Outcast: Sadie Jones</a>
<a href="">On Green Dolphin Street: Sebastian Faulks</a>
<a href="">The book, the film, the T-shirt: Matt Beaumont</a>
<a href="">Got You Back: Jane Fallon</a>
<a href="">Friday Nights: Joanna Trollope</a>
<a href="">Dear Fatty: Dawn French</a>
<font color="red">10</font>
<a href="">The Dord, the Diglot, and an Avocado or two: Anu Garg</a>
<a href="">Cat's Eye: Margaret Attwood</a>
<a href="">The Lady and the Unicorn: Tracy Chevalier</a>
<a href="">What I loved: Siri Hustvedt</a>
<a href="">Good Harbor: Anita Diamant</a>
<a href="">Falling Angels: Tracy Chevalier</a>
<a href="">The Red Shoe: Ursula Dubosarsky</a>
<a href="">Creating a World without Poverty: Muhammad Yunus</a>
<a href="">Indian Summer: Will Randall</a>
<a href="">A Wedding in December: Anita Shreve</a>
<font color="red">0</font>