December 20th, 2009


2009: The Year in Pictures

from top left, left to right
Jan: By Lake Geneva, weekend away
Feb: Snowshoeing in the mountains with Katie
Mar: Day trip to felsentor
April: Work trip to Wroclaw

April (2): Sechselauten with parents and Young Family
April (3): Trip home to the UK, sorting boxes at the Anchorage
May: Emmas First Communion, Dublin
June : Holiday in Malta

July: Summer walk in Zurich
Aug: Final weekend away to Lucerne, Hotel Montana
Aug (2): Markus arrives on 14th August
Aug (3): Leaving hospital on 20th August

Sept: My parents meet Markus
Oct : The Connor Girls meet Markus
Nov: Dublin Grandpa with Markus
Dec : Weekend to Florence with work team

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