December 14th, 2009


Work trip to Florence

This Friday and Saturday I went with my work team to Florence overnight, in the name of team work and bonding, but mostly to see some art and take photos! It was the first time I have left Markus overnight and it was both easier and harder than I imagined.

I was really worried about leaving him for two days, but actually going was less hard than I imagined. I enjoyed the fact that I had some time to my self, I even took my laptop for the train journey. No internet, but I had 2 journeys of 6 hours and in that time I got some writing done and sorted out all my photos since August. Florence was beautiful, I enjoyed taking photos that weren't of my boy and it was good to be with the team, and I think my colleagues appreciated the fact that I had come on the trip.

What was harder was the fact that I felt left out of work discussions and felt a bit insecure about going back to work in March. It was hard to explain how my life is now at the moment, I think my colleagues just wanted to hear that I was excited to be going back in March. Which I am and am not, if that makes sense. I do want to go back to work, get my projects back, but at the same time I don't want to leave Markus. But that's a topic for a later blog post. I also found that I was the most tired I have been since August. I realised that I am on "baby / stay at home Mummy" tempo and not a normal "adult walking around town and sightseeing" tempo. It was an effort to stay awake and be social. Pumping breastmilk every 4 hours also wasn't fun.

Florence was beautiful and we visited a contemporary art exhibition (the Florence Biennale), at which my colleague Bea was exhibiting. We stayed at a charming 3 star hotel in the centre of Florence and went out for a meal on the Friday evening. Bea also took us on a guided tour of Florence on Saturday morning. And all too soon I was on the train back home!

Markus at 4 Months

Week 17

Today Markus is 4 months old. He is discovering his hands, sucks his fingers and fists constantly. He sleeps 9 to 10 hours a night, but naps only intermittently during the day. He recognises us and follows our voices and movements, cries at night to get company and to be picked up and cuddled. Is very vocal, making lots of gurgles and noises.

Big milestones for me have been leaving him overnight and going away by myself for 2 days. I have written up our birth story and have sorted out all the photos I have taken. I had been wondering how I spent my time, but looking at all the photos reminded me how many guests we have had, and how much I have taken Markus out and about!

We also have a nursery place organised for him from mid February at Kids and Co in Hohlstrasse. Next steps for me are to start exercising more and losing weight before going back to work :-(

But before that we have our first family Christmas to enjoy :-)

My snapshots are up-to-date, and these give a good idea what we have been upto
Photos of Markus in October, November and December