December 13th, 2009


Our Birth Story

I have wanted to write about Markus's birth since we got home from hospital, and now 4 months later, I have finally been able to do so!

It’s hard to remember and write about Markus’ birth because it’s impossible to remember a time when he wasn’t here and the centre of our lives! It’s impossible almost to remember how we felt before hand. I can’t really now remember how I felt being pregnant, it just feels like a distant memory! I have been putting off writing this, even though I want a record of the birth. Maybe I’ve been worrying that I will miss something if I try and write it down. Yet I feel that I need closure, that I need to record this first and most important part of his journey with use. As you know, it all ended well, but along the way it was a bit of a bumpy ride!

The short version is that the c-section took a lot longer than normal to complete because Makrus turned in the womb into a horizontal presentation. He got stuck and the chief surgeon was rushed into the theatre without scrubbing in. To let Markus be born, they had to make a large T-incision in me. I lost a lot of blood and wasn’t very well afterwards. He was eventually born a little bit blue, but bounced back quickly, as did I.

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And then we were three!
All in all I was so happy at the expertise and care of the staff. All three of us felt so well looked after. Alan and I were also so proud of our son, who battled to be born and who turned out to be such a tough cookie with a very healthy birth weight.