October 31st, 2009


Baby Labelling!

One of my bestest mates Mags (I have 2 best mates, Sal and Mags - Sal's hubbie calls us the 3 witches!) sent me this photo today and said it looked like I was labelling baby. I was in fact making name badges for the last pwg event :-)

I have had a fab grown up day today - a visit to work to sort out my laptop, lunch with my team, yoga, then a trip to Globus spa for eyebrow shape, eyelash tinting and bikini wax (I may not be a yummy mummy, but I am now at least less hairy!) And then 20 minutes in the cafe texting friends and drinking a little prosecco! I love the fact that lovely hubby works 80% and is very happy to stay at home on a Friday playing with our little lad. How good that sounds! And we still have the weekend ahead of us...

10 Lessons from my baby

1. When baby sleeps, its time to get really clear on my priorities - sleep? clean? write emails?
2. You can't speed walk, when you have baby in a sling!
3. Baby is teaching me time management, only taken me 36 years to get this message! Leave more time than you think...
4. You can't rush breast feeding, and if you do, baby will want feeding again sooner than you think :-)
5. A mobile phone is a mother's best friend - I can communicate one handed whilst feeding!
6. Buy the most powerful breast pump possible and don't spill the liquid gold, which is hte breast milk!
7. I learn that mr.ncot is very musical and loves singing nonsense songs to our boy
8. Use brightly coloured muslins when nursing baby in bed - a white muslin against cream coloured bedding is impossible to find in the middle of the night!
9. My baby's smile melts my heart
10. The days fly past just too damn fast....

Post natal Yoga, or why I can't move today!

After failing miserably to get to any sort of pregnancy yoga, I have at least signed up for and gone to 2 post natal yoga sessions at Planet Yoga in Zurich.

I took Markus with me the first lesson, but spent half the time feeding him, so this week I left him with Alan. My body feels stiff and creaky, but it felt good to be opening myself up to yoga again, accepting the changes in my body. It is so special hearing all the other noises of the babies in the room :-)