September 29th, 2009


The difference between men and women...

2009_09_29 Stripy Boy
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...when using a test case of baby (ie Markus) can now be exclusively revealed! Mr.ncot and I have been collecting data and the results are now in.

Picture the scene. Proud, doting parents push fresh new baby in buggy (bassinet style with hood). The style of the buggy means that passersby can't sneak a look at the contents of buggy without us noticing.

Our original hypothesis has been confirmed, all women, whether 8 or 80 look in the buggy. Up til today, we didn't think this finding applied to the male sex.

But this afternoon, in the tram going home, a white haired business man of about late 50s, early 60s was standing next to the buggy. He looked down, po-faced. And then a very small, wry smile touched the corner of his mouth. And he sneaked another look and smile before he got off the tram!

It's official, Markus can win over the hearts of men and women, especially in today's stripy get up :-)

A virtual Thank You Card to all my LJ friends

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Helen and Alan are delighted to announce the arrival of their son, Markus Gerry Moran, who was born on the 14th August 2009 at 13.28, weighing 4030 g and measuring 49 cm!

Hurra, der Markus Gerry Moran ist da! Geboren am 14. August 2009 um 13.28 Uhr, 4030 g und 49 cm. Helen und Alan freuen sich riesig.

Just had my thank you cards back from the printers, using the text above, plus this gorgeous photo by Clare Pearson.

Thank you one more time to everyone who has commented on my posts, emailed me offline, or sent me cards and presents in the mail. I have felt so supported and loved by everyone throughout the long journey to get here.

Our IVF journey started just over a year ago on 19th September. It is just amazing to look back and reflect on everything that has happened. Project Baby came full circle today, in that I had my 6 week post natal check up with my Doctor. Everything is basically fine, I have a few more prescriptions to pick up, but basically have the all clear to start exercising gently, taking a bath, etc etc. It feels good to have this sign off!

She was delighted to meet Markus, as was the receptionist / nurse. What I really love is hearing people cooing over my baby, especially in Swiss German. The receptionist was just saying things like "oh, you're hungry.. don't worry, Mummy's on the way", but it just sounded so cool! I am such a doting, slushy mama and I love it :)