September 28th, 2009


6 Weeks old!

week 6 (1)
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Markus was six weeks old on Friday and here are the photos from the last few weeks...

Footprints at one month

Week 4, Sept 11th
Eating his own hand / Contemplating life

Week 5, Sept 18th
Thinking about crying / Definitely Crying!

Week 6, Sept 25th
Blurry Hands / Yawning

See Markus growing week by week here...

Whilst we still haven't got any sense of routine, he does sleep well, eat well (like a milk monster!) and kicks his arms and legs vigorously. He responds well to all the sounds around and is practicing his smile at the moment. Mr.ncot and I are turning into gushing parents :-)

Oh, and he has grown out of his newborn size Tesco All-in-ones! Whilst I am eager to see all the next stages, I feel a certain sadness that he is six weeks old already. I don't think he counts as a new born anymore....

And my progress. Put on 2.5kg since the birth - how did that happen? Surely the weight should be going in the other direction? Have mastered breastfeeding. But am still really exhausted, have hot flushes, still some pain and my wound hasn't healed.

The September Snapshot Update

So, the quick update for Sept is as follows:

Brother Chris visits, Sept 11-15 (time for lots of cuddles from Uncle Chris, along with good advice from him)
PWG event, Sept 15 (first professional evening out, confidence crisis averted)
Best mate Sal and son Ish visit, Sept 15-17 (chilled 3 days, not much time to gossip though with toddler and baby!)
Lunch with Lisa, Sept 18 (time for lunch and a cuddle in Starbucks)
Coffee with Kerry and Jamie, Sept 21 (first meeting of Markus and Jamie!)
Lunch with Al and Aimee, Sept 22 (first playdate for Aimee and Markus - they both slept the whole time!)
Lunch with Lynette, Sept 24 (A visitor all the way from Singapore - we had time to catch up on the work gossip)
Weekend at home, Sept 25-27! (Time for lots of cuddles with markus, mum and dad)
More photos on flickr


Final thoughts before bed

As mentioned in previous posts, I am adjusting to my new role as Mami to Markus and figuring out what is important to me. Having had a few days of struggling, the weekend was better, mostly because Mr.ncot spent time with Markus and made me go and do other things!

The following things have really helped me this weekend

  • Having time to go the chemist on Saturday and get some good advice on treatments for various ailments and to stock up on medical supplies (sounds silly, but makes a BIG day to day difference!)

  • Time in the hot autumn sun (is it really autumn already?) walking by the lake, catching up with my good friend Jill - catching up on each other's lives and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Enjoying talking about my new life and challenges as a Mum

  • Time to catch up on a few blog posts and to feel up to date. I realise again that my writing helps me and keeps me balanced. This is something that I can and should prioritise for myself.

  • The feeling of coming home to the flat, looking forward to seeing my little lad and feeding him.

  • Knowing that life is good, I will enjoy each day with Markus and will endevour to forget about work or my longer term future for the moment. I will just stay in the moment...

    • Markus has now settled after his 2am feed, so we are now off to bed - nighty night!