August 23rd, 2009


Getting organised!

Getting organised!
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I held off until day ten, but today whilst markus is sleeping i am writing in my journal and making a list!
My mind is so full of all that has happened, that i feel a strong need to reflect and record it. Otherwise i am scared that all my memories will merge together or fade away!

On a related note, i love my mobile phone, it has been so vital in keeping me organised and connected in hospital, and of course for taking and uploading the photos!
Another photo of markus tomorrow and i hope to post a few other blogs soon!

Post Baby Update - Week 1 (Helen)

Giving Birth is a great weight loss aid!

A week after giving birth:
I weigh 79.2 kg (75.5kg before being pregnant, 89 kg at end), losing 9.8kg
I have a waist measurement of 98cm (75cm before, 117cm at end), losing 19 cm

Plus, I realised yesterday all my pregnancy symptoms had disappeared!
No more heartburn, backache or nasty infection. Hurrah!

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Dear All
Thanks for all the comments and emails, which I still haven't started reading :-) I have just sneaked out of bed to log onto computer (markus is sleeping!) and hope mr.ncot doesn't catch me :-) I read his 2 lj entries on my behalf and started crying again, but in a good way!

I will be catching up slowly, hugs to all, thanks to everyone for their virtual good wishes, I can feel them from here! Life is good :-)