August 11th, 2009


Preparing to meet baby Palmer Moran

I found this quote on the internet, in an article about preparing for an elective c-section:

Robert Oliver writes in The Ideal Caesarean Birth: "When it is known in advance that the birth will be a caesarean, the ideal caesarean birth will include emotional as well as physical preparation of the mother before she 'goes under the knife'. She must fully explore her feelings about and fears of the operation and recovery. She must identify with the operation and 'own' the procedure and see it as the means for her transformation to motherhood, not as a failure of herself or of her womanliness."

I have found this really helpful. I think I am pretty much ready now for baby to come out (just 3 days!) and am desperate to meet him or her. I am getting increasing uncomfortable and my third trimester hormones are almost out of control! The nice thing though about having a breech baby, is that I feel far more physically connected with my baby. I can stroke and clearly feel the head (under my ribs on the left hand side), plus baby is really making its presence felt with a lot of movement, particularly legs and knees on the right hand side.

However the birth happens (and I am not sure how I will feel about the sterile op environment), this is how I will help my baby into the world.

New Resolutions! August

So my 2009 resolutions seem less relevant know baby is nearly here. I can't imagine what life will be like with new arrival, but here are my thoughs on some new resolutions - will update in September!

* Take all the time in the world to get to know my baby!
* Get some fresh air and exercise each day (eventually mummy and baby yoga!)
* Take some time for self each day - writing or reading - by letting Alan take over
* Connect with my social network each week - whether baby and mummy friends, or others!

I need to remember to go slowly and ASK FOR HELP

I am interested to see how I change, how my new role develops, how I become a mother and I really hope that I will have a few moments here and there to write about this. Mr.ncot keeps saying that we will savour every minute, enjoy particularly the first few weeks of babyhood and just get from nappy change to nappy change. I also really want to see how he changes ;-)