August 5th, 2009


Snapshots catchup July / August

I have been sorting out snapshots and trying to get lj up to date for a few days, so here goes!

27.7.9 Baby kit is packed and ready to go - it feels very strange to be picking out baby's first outfit :-) The hospital provides everything needed, until it's time to go home!

28.7.9 Summmer in the city - I think the photo and title says it all!

30.7.9 Pregnant reflection in our front door, struggling with post, keys and trying to take a photo!

31.7.9 Met a good friend for lunch in the posh UBS restaurant overlooking Paradeplatz. Had a good chat about work, life and everything and got a good picture of CS in its flags and finery for the 1st Aug celebrations

1.8.9 Bahnhofstrasse decorated for the celebrations!

2.8.9 Presents for mr.ncot and me from his employer - he has left his last company and now has a month off before starting work at Zurich university on 1st September. This means that he had a week of sleeping in, whilst I was dragging my sorry 9 month pregnant butt to work - something wrong there, surely!

3.8.9 The monkeys escaped! We had a flying overnight visit from the Dublin Connors! I was in Basel most of the afternoon for the final photo shoot, and mr.ncot entertained them!

4.8.9 Forget diamonds, Rennies are a (pregnant) girl's best friend! I was very excited to find a LARGE packet of 120 tablets from a different apotheke!

5.8.9 Cute present from 2 colleagues - he has crinkly ears!