August 1st, 2009


Why I love my sister!

1. I had a long chat with my sister last night on the phone and she wanted to see how "big" I had got - so I sent her this photo...

Her email today read as follows :-) She is a funny lady!

Nice Curtains!
Wow, no wonder you're not sleeping! I say lie on the sofa, get a cathatar fitted and demand that Alan feeds you and changes the DVD every two hours!

2. When she came and visited a while back, she brought me 3 (count them!) Terry's Chocolate oranges and decorated the labels...

3. And this cartoon was decorating the back of an letter that she sent recently...

In other news, I bought some nursing bras yesterday and my mammy mams seem to have grown- before pregnancy a very average 34B, then I bought pregnancy bras at 34C and now I appear to need 36D!

The worst habits meme

What are your most annoying habits? And who finds this annoying? Spill the beans, please!

* I make a cup of tea, forget to take the tea bag out, then find it 30 minutes later still standing by the kettle. I then make a fresh cup and promptly repeat the process!

* I boil the kettle with not enough water in

* I leave my laptop on, indefinitely

All of the above wind mr.ncot up immensely. However, his worst habit is leaving the TV on, admittedly on mute, then leaving the room for long periods of time!