July 21st, 2009


Why I love my job :-)

This is why I love my job - today I received the following email from one of the people I trained in Poland:

But there is one think I would like to tell you - the Onboarding have helped us in the daily job. The atmosphere in my team is really good. We really keep in mind to give and ask for a feedback, we know what teamwork means, we can count on each other, especially that the tasks in our tema are not easy.

How cool is that? Makes all the rest of the nonsense worthwhile!

Betting on Baby!

Several of my work colleagues have started betting on weight and length of baby...

Myrna thinks I'm having a girl, 3.6kg, 55cm (this would be 8lb in old money!)
Eric reckons 3.85kg (8.5lb)

Any other guesses? Just to help, I am at 35 weeks, have gained about 11kg, am 5ft 7in and Alan is 6ft 1in. I think baby might be heavier :-)