July 18th, 2009


Saturday Sunflowers

Today has been a list of tasks so far, which I have been trying to do before I run out of energy :-)

* Apple store to get ipod to sync again
* Post office - send handheld for repair
* Chemist (again!)
* dry cleaners
* Specialist chemist for magic acupuncture turning herbs
* Coop for odds and sods
* Migros to check out the baby stuff
* Sunrise to ask about a new phone and phone contract
* Manor to get a portable backup storeage disc

And in between times I have done some washing and am gradually backing up my laptop!

And now I am pooped, but these beautiful flowers cheered me up!
to do list 2

Filling the Gaps

I think it must be a sort of nesting instinct, but I feel the need to try and fill the gaps in my livejournal for this year, before baby arrives :-) And I have to say, I feel a lot better for doing so...

There is a new tag called ptmb (postcards to my bump) which contains some creative writing to my baby to be :-)

To this end, I have done some quick summaries of various trips:
April 2009, Wroclaw
April 2009, Annecy
April 2009, Parents' Visit to Zurich
May 2009, UK Trip
May 2009, Dublin
LinJune 2009, Malta

I have also reorganised my www.helenpalmer.co.uk update posts

Other gaps have been filled by quotes and thoughts on tea, under the tag nice cup of tea

Happy Reading!
palmer's tea

Tea Tales

Until the early 1800s, tea from China took at least one year to reach London on British East India Company ships.

Good things come to those who wait! And now we merely pop to the shop, where our tea awaits us...

Zurich has a multitude of beautiful smelling, loose leaf, exotic teas, but fewer teabags and certainly no PG pyramid tips. So my secret supply gets shipped across the skies from the UK to Zurich, courtesy of Royal Mail and some logistics!

See all my tea tales here, being posted retrospectively to fill some lj gaps!

Where was I...?

Where was I...

1 hour ago: Still sitting at my desk at home, updating livejournal

1 day ago: Slobbing on the sofa with mr.ncot in our usual Friday evening style - enjoying feeling baby kick, not enjoying being a stranded, out of breath, hippo!

6 months ago: Getting used to being pregnant, in the cold winter January of Zürich. Starting the year with so many hopes, fears and expections of the year ahead.

1 year ago: I was working at the Uetlihof office, getting ready to move to Bederstrasse, enjoying the summer and getting ready to go to Brussels to celebrate Mags and Mano's wedding. At the same time, I was in a lot of pain and sadness about our inability to get pregnant.

5 years ago: I hadn't yet started writing in livejournal. It was August 2004 and it was the original deadline for my masters thesis, but I was still 18 months away from completion. I was pretty lonely in Zurich, Alan was working full time, I was trying to study, but me heart was still in London. I was exploring Zurich, climbing the Uetliberg, completing the lake swim, and wondering what our future in Zurich would hold.

10 years ago: July 1999 - hmm, living and working in the south east. I think I was working for Sunrise Software then as a technical consultant, installing software, project management, IT Training, driving round the country and I think Alan and I were living together, either in Reading or perhaps we had already moved to North London. I was already planning to ask him to marry me the following Feb 29, 2000!