June 30th, 2009


Resolution Update - March to June

Resolution Update March to June
Well, not quite sure what happened to the last 4 months, other than work was busy, pregnancy is exhausting and I generally blogged a lot less, hence no regular resolution updates. I think that these are getting less relevant, given the pregnancy and I might even change them for the second half of the year, given the arrival of Baby moran

Maintain food diary on fitbug / Achieve my fitbug steps per day
Both of these targets have become less relevant, given the pregnancy. I feel as though I am eating a bit less, given my constant heartburn, but am trying to have a balanced diet, none the less. I am naturally drinking a lot more water which is good and getting used to the inevitable increase in weight! I have been walking into work regularly (although less in June), but haven't been wearing the fitbug, since I know the step count will be too low! I have been noticing that my speed of walking is definitely slowing down :-)

Practice yoga once a week
This hasn't happened and I might just give up on it! I am however having regular massages, acupuncture and going to a water pregnancy class!

Care for my relationships - reach out to two friends a month
Caring for my relationships is going well, I am naturally in a lot of contact with friends who are pregnant, or who are mums already!
ie Becs, Al, Jenn, Pat
Need to get in contact with Caro :-)

These resolutions now need adjusting given my advanced pregnancy and soon to be arrival of baby. Will write more at the end of July....