June 26th, 2009


Some of my favourite things about being pregnant were ....

... people asking about me and you - "When is your due date?" "Do you know whether it's a boy or a girl" "Is this your first child". The girls in the coop shop and the dry cleaners just kept asking and asking about you!

People were so interested. And if I glared at people in the tram, we usually got a seat given to us! It was like being a pregnant princess :-)

I liked the feel of you moving about in me. I liked the fact that I had a large, round, smooth belly. I liked the fact that it was just you and me for the first 9 months.

I also liked that the fact that I had a good excuse for sometimes leaving work early, going to bed to get some more sleep, for booking massages and facials to look after myself and you!

lots of love
mum-to-be x


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