May 13th, 2009


The list of things I have to blog aboout

I enjoy blogging and being on livejournal, but sometimes I think I cause myself more stress. I am so behind with my flickr photos, snapshots and blogging. So much has been happening over the last months and I feel so behind. No one is making me blog, but somehow I want to capture this time, and then I feel anxious when I know that I am WAY behind :-)

Also, at the moment I am finding that it is hard to find the energy to come home and deal with stuff after a day at work. I am finally admitting that I have to slow down.

So, here is the list of updates and photos to come! Maybe I should aim for my patchwork metaphor, little pieces of stories, photos, memories, ideas - all stitched together...

April 2009
Photo shoot in Basel
Annecy at easter
Parents' visit
Sechsileute parade
April and May resolutions

May 2009
UK Trip - London, Bristol, Manchester
My Birthday
Clearing the office

Oh, and before I forget, I want to thank mrsdanvers63 for her wonderful parcel - of books, decaff tea and chocolates - what a star :-)