May 11th, 2009


In which I get quoted on a friend's blog

So, I have been somewhat absent recently. I keep writing posts in my head, but not actually getting them done on screen. I am fine, birthday last week was fine, just a bit tired and achy and don't have so much energy to get all my list of things done.

But anyway, met my mate Jill on Sunday, for our usual hot chocolate and gossip and something I said made it onto her blog - check it out!

Sneak preview - First Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Back in April I went to Basel to see Claire Pearson to get some pregnancy photos done. I have now have some proofs and am deciding which images I want - more to follow. I really enjoyed the shoot and I got some lovely photos out of it. I look more than okay in a lot of them and it is helping me to feel good about my new shape!

However, in the meantime, I feature on her blog and you get to see two photos, plus the one below...