April 13th, 2009


Wroclaw Update - April Onboarding

I had mixed feelings about this trip. In January it was obvious to met that I would run the Onboarding program in April. And as April got closer, I got so nervous, I guess about the effect on me and the pregnancy of being there. I was worried that I would overwork myself or that something bad would happen with the pregnancy. Just fear speaking I think.

Things were both more complicated and better because a colleague came as well, although he only stayed for the first three days and hadn't been involved in the planning at all. But of course was an expert on Wroclaw and the program after only being there a day or so.

mr.ncot came out for the weekend, which the firm actually paid for :-) It was so cool to show him the place where I had spent so much time and energy working! The weather was gorgeous and we spent a lot of time sitting in the market place watching the world go by. I was pretty tired, so we didn't do much, but it felt like we'd had a weekend break together, which can't be bad!

The second week flew by. And as always I enjoyed being in the lead, motivating people, giving feedbacks, sorting stuff out and my energy returned! I think it was easier doing it on my own. But now it is time to start handing over this project, handing over responsibility for my polish baby to someone else. This will be hard I think!

And the best bit was, I reached the halfway point of the pregnany in Wroclaw and began to feel baby move, so this will always be special for me. I told the participants on the last day that I was expecting and I got a round of applause and lots of good wishes!