March 1st, 2009


Sunday in my jimjams

I have had such a relaxing, happy weekend and today I am resisting the urge to "get up" - ie I am still in my jimjams!

Friday we had some beautiful flowers delivered from Chris and Jenn to officially celebrate our news, which was a lovely suprise. Today I finally sent an email about baby-to-be to our friends and family and got lots of nice replies, including from a UK friend who is expecting no.2 at about the same time as me! Nice to have another baby buddy :-)

On Saturday I had a haircut and colour, plus got all my "chores" done and tackled the washing mountain! Went into town and bought some *cough* larger, but NOT maternity clothes. I was a little shocked that the Espirit grey trousers (which are too large at the moment) had a UK size 18 label in them. THAT CAN'T BE RIGHT!! Anyway, I should manage for the next month or so with the clothes I have. I also had a lovely long gossip with Jenn (sister-in-law) and also caught up with my parents today. They have finally booked a flight to come and visit us in April!

Higlight of today was doing the ironing, and then redoing my nails. If I'm very good, I might even sort out our finances in a bit. Plus, I have just had a very long skype call with Jane, my friend in California!! As you can see from the snapshots below, I have a batch of bunnies to make, one of which I have to do this evening!


Resolution Update - February

Resolution Update January
So, now that I have blogged that I am pregnant, it explains my bouts of illness and absence in January and February from lj! February has been a much better month healthwise and pregnancy now seems to be going well. I am still really knackered though. I am waiting for the blooming stage!

Maintain food diary on fitbug / Achieve my fitbug steps per day
Have renewed subscription and have generally been hitting my step target per day, especially since I am now back to walking to work. Eating is getting better, but am still eating a bit too much pasta and pizza. Will try to log food more regularly this month.

Practice yoga once a week
Have found a pregnancy yoga class and will commit to going this month! Also want to start swimming more regularly. Last month I was still taking it easy after a few bleeding scares.

Care for my relationships - reach out to two friends a month
Yes, I have certainly managed this!
- Long phone calls with Jenn, Jane, Al
- Lots of emails, lj and facebook entries about pregnancy!

I'm doing well, will focus this month on a bit of gentle exercise and a bit more thought into my food! :-)