February 22nd, 2009


Where did February go?

This month has been rushing past and my blog entries have been sadly lacking. I have just lost the writing bug at the moment, but I am sure it will return at some point :-) I have been reading everyone's entries, even if I have not been commenting much.

So, in the absence of much news, here are my snapshots for February so far...
We had snow, my sister visited, I slobbed a lot - that is all :-)

helen and alan cropped

Time with mr.ncot

I love lazy, slobby Sundays!

This morning we went to Imagine in the main railway station for brunch. We ate a lot, read the (v.expensive) imported British papers, and coordinate our calendars for the next four months.

Actually, that is not strictly true, I brought my diary, the list of engagements to schedule and told mr.ncot what we going to do :-) *lol*