December 30th, 2008


2008, the year in pictures

from top left, left to right
Jan: Singapore Skyline
Feb: Caroline comes to visit
Mar: Lucerne at night, anniversary weekend
Mar (2): Easter with the Connors

April (1): Kate's Birthday Weekend
April (2): Drew's Naming Ceremony
June (1): Comrades Marathon, South Africa
June (2): Weekend on the Rigi

July (1): CS Firm Triathlon team - I swam 1.5km!
July (2): Bristol Weekend, meeting the barge!
Aug: Mags and Mano get wed!
Sept: Amit with Ish

Oct (1): Book Party
Oct (2): Dublin Weekend, Connor Girls
Nov: Gerry's Memorial in Canada
Dec : Christmas Lights on Bahnhofstrasse

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Livejournal review of 2008

It's quite simple: the first sentence of the first entry for each month in 2008 :-) This helps me to clearly see what I really do write about! Where is my focus?

Jan: My last book read in 2007 was The war of Art: Steven Pressfield, which has helped me to rethink my resolutions for 2008.

Feb: Worked a bit later tonight, then walked home. And today I clocked up over 12,000 steps - go me :-)

Mar: We had a fantastic weekend at Hotel Montana - Lots of relaxing, wandering round Lucerne, eating and drinking!

April: I think I am growing up - today I managed to meet a friend of mine for lunch, along with new born and managed to fight off mad waves of broodiness / jealousy / grumpiness. Go me!

May: Last day in the UK - and it was mostly spent getting across London (Kew to City Airport), which took about 2 hours!

June: A friend and I strolled along the Zürichsee this afternoon, finally stopping at a cafe at the Zürihorn to have a drink.

July: Tonight's pwg executive committee meeting was in the garden of Restaurant Neuhof - it rained and thundered, but still we kept talking :-)

Aug: The first August has been a public holiday since 1994, although it has been celebrated since 1891!

Sept: Today after a horrible, horrible, stressful day at work, I went to the CS sponsored concert at the Tonhalle with the New York Philarmonic.

Oct: It feels strange, but good, to be back in Wroclaw.

Nov: Today was a nice slobby day of sitting on the sofa, mooching around sihlcity and I have been trying to get my virtual and real life up to date before I go away again tomorrow.

Dec: well, got all my tasks done at work today - diverted my phone, set up office assistant, had 3 meetings, had dinner with a good cs friend, And all ready for tomorrow....


Books Read in 2008

109 books read
Hurrah, a few more than last year, not that it's a competition! So many good books this year...

Best Book (Fiction): Night Train to Lisbon: Pascal Mercier / Snow Flower and the Secret Fan: Lisa See

Best Book (Non-Fiction): Bird by Bird: Anne Lamont

Best Chicklit: Things I want my Daughters to Know: Elizabeth Noble / Thanks for the memories: Cecilia Ahern

Book which made me change/gave me most food for thought: The Last Lecture: Randy Pausch

Author Discovery: The Frozen Lake: Elizabeth Edmondson

Best "Old Favourite": Gentian Hill: Elizabeth Goudge

Worst Read: Goodbye, Johnny Thunders: Tania Kindersley


Resolutions Update - December

Resolution Update December
This month I have been through IVF and have really been successful in terms of taking it easy, resting etc.

Watch alcohol intake
NONE! Result, only took me all year to achieve this

Practice yoga once a week
Nothing in Nov

Walk 10,000 steps a day
Have stopped tracking for the time being.

Blog daily
Have blogged every day.

Overall? and for 2008?
I have been honest with myself about my resolutions all year. I have certainly cut down on the alcohol, been successful in blogging, got a better work life balance, but never got to yoga. I wonder what I will choose for my New Year Resolutions tomorrow?