December 10th, 2008


PWG Party

2008_12_09 PWG Wishes
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We had a wonderful silver-themed party to celebrate 25 years of PWG and I was so proud to be part of the team. We had sponsorship of the event, so the drinks were free. The room was transformed, plus tree and my decorations had wishes written on them - then hung on the tree.

Plus, we had 14 new people and the biggest crowd ever - 65 attendees! It was an evening full of friendhips, wishes and memories. Oh, plus line-dancing :-) Plus the normal hard core crowd who stayed until the end!!

Say it with flowers

Flowers from Sal
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These flowers arrived on Monday from best mate Sal - just because :-)

Other reasons to be grateful today?
* It's been snowing!
* Had a good day at work, full of projects and collaboration
* mr.ncot has just run me a bath
* I cooked a very tasty "vegetable ragout with red wine and rosemary" for supper